Background: The entire series of animations is a part of a promotional campaign for Netflix that I had designed for my final project in the 2D Animation and Video Editing course at UC Berkeley Extension.
Category: GIF Animation
Objective: Create a short video ad to promote Netflix in form of a GIF.
Design Process: I wanted to highlight the unique features of Netflix in an 8-sec GIF. I used all the areas for the text focusing on each segment and added movement to them to grab the audience’s attention.
Design Solution: For the background, I have used the Netflix logo in a loop by using the "Motion Tile" feature under "Effects", and for the languages and genres, I created the loop in the opposite direction to that of the logo. I have used position change with easy ease, graph editor, and motion blur for the text on the screen in the center. For the “Only on Netflix” text, I have adjusted blur and tracking to animate. Finally, I have kept all the elements on the first and last frames same to create a looping action.​​​​​​​
Images used to create the parallax
Category: Parallax Animation
Objective: To create animated versions of static images to make them attractive to the audience drawing them towards watching these new movies on streaming platforms.
Design Process: I searched for the latest movies and web series on the internet that was about to be released in the upcoming months. These new movies were yet to launch their promotional content so I wanted to brainstorm a unique way of promoting them. One of the posters is an illustrated version of an animated movie “Encanto” and another from a popular web series “Money Heist”.
Design Solution: For the “Money Heist” poster, I combined two images to highlight the protagonist of the show, “The Professor,” while displaying the rest of the characters in the background. For that, I picked a high-resolution image of the main character and separated it from the original background using a pen tool to place it on another image with the other characters. I added blur to the background image and added motion and movement to both the images to create the parallax effect.​​​​​​​
For the second movie “Encanto,” the main character (Mirabel) is shown to be playing on a swing. I wanted to create the swinging movement, therefore I separated the swing and Mirabel from the background and changed the position (from left to right) and angle, and also zoomed in on it while the background moves in the opposite direction and zooms out. I also used a puppet tool to add movement to the legs and head of Mirabel.
Category: Cinemagraph
Objective: To create two animations featuring two web series on Netflix - “Squid Games” and “The Queen’s Gambit” using cinemagraphs.
Design Process: I researched various clips from different web series on Netflix to find video footage that is long enough to create a cinemagraph and is also stable enough so that I could separate the animated portion. Once I found the footage, I imported them to photoshop and cut the section that I wanted to animate. I left a time buffer at the beginning to create a looping action by copying the video on another layer at the end so that there is continuity between the ending and the beginning. I then created a still and applied a layer mask to it. On the layer mask, I used a soft brush to paint on the portion of the still that I wanted to hide to reveal the animated section of the video on the layer below. I have also used several adjustments like - Hue and Saturation, Levels, and brightness and contrast on the “Squid Games” video and, Vibrance, Photo Filter, and Color Balance on “The Queen’s Gambit” cinemagraph.​​​​​​​
Design Solution: I wanted to animate the portion of the image which highlights the main focus of the TV show. Since “Squid Games” revolves around human behavior in greed for money, I selected a video where the players are in awe when they see the piggy bank being filled with cash. I animated the portion of the image where the cash falls into the piggy bank while keeping the players still to highlight the contrast. 
It was challenging to find a clip for "The Queen’s Gambit" as there was a lot of movement and camera panning in most of the scenes. I wanted to animate a scene where the main character, Beth, plays chess with an opponent but due to the unavailability of the required video clip, I decided to recreate another scene where the audience cheers for Beth. I animated the clapping of the audience as it depicts the success of the powerful female character who struggles and works hard in a male-dominated world of chess. And despite these struggles, overcomes them, to fight against all odds and wins games against the biggest chess players of her time.
Rotoscoping Animation
Category: Rotoscoping Animation
Objective: This animation serves as an advertisement for musicals on Netflix that people can enjoy during the festive holiday season.
Design Process: Musicals are one of underestimated and ignored genres in the movie industry. However, several Disney movies framed as musicals are quite popular among kids and youngsters. I wanted to attract a wider audience to this genre of movies on Netflix. I found these lively and joyful dance moves on a YouTube channel by Nika Kljun and envisioned an animated sequence of dance movies using the rotoscoping technique. Short text animation sequences flash throughout the video to convey the content of the message to be delivered through this advertisement.
Design Solution: This is a 10-second video made with 90 digital sketches of the dancer with the clip ultimately transitioning into the popular Netflix logo animation. The digital sketches of the dancer include transformations in the color and patterns of the dancer’s dress and associated changes in the background. I used red, black, and white colors to maintain uniformity with the Netflix brand. I have used 2 custom brushes - Drippy Stroke for the sketches and Spatter Dual for the background textures. The dancer’s dress and the background dissolve into different colors blending in neatly with the impact of the beats. I plan to create different versions of this video for different genres of movies on Netflix. The next project in my mind is a hand-drawn rotoscoping of an action sequence.
Software Used
Adobe After Effects | Adobe Premiere Pro | Adobe Photoshop

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