Nikita Jain Vyas

Graphic Designer

Hi, I am Nikita
and here is my story
A year after I  graduated with a Master in Business Administration, I realized that my future lies elsewhere. Creating financial reports and presentations was not my thing. But designing them certainly was. So I changed my course and started a new adventure of exploring and learning design. Right now, I am living my dream of working in the field of art, creativity, and liveliness. I find passion in creating visual art that is pleasing to the eye and appealing to the heart. As a workflow mantra, I try to step into "two pairs of shoes." Firstly, I place myself in the client's position and then in the position of the target audience that the client intends to reach. 
I have 4 years of experience designing visual marketing material, branding assets, digital content, and print material for various organizations such as Aixplan, Urbani Marketing, University of California Santa Barbara, and others. Apart from my professional experience with local and international clients, I have also volunteered as a freelancer for global social service organizations, local community organizations, and university graduate student groups. I love my work and enjoy each new project. I like to keep things simple, fresh, and exciting. What I love about what I do is that each day is full of new opportunities and challenges. 
I am a cleanliness freak, enjoy painting, and cannot take my eyes off cute puppies. If you were to catch me unannounced, you would often find me appreciating the evening shades of California beaches. 
Some amazing clients I have worked with:
Aixplain Inc. | Urbani Real Estate Marketing | Relias | University of California, Santa Barbara | University of California, Berkeley Extension | AMC Health | The Art of Living Foundation
What I can do for you:
Digital Design | Editorial Design | Branding | Marketing Collateral | Social Media Design | Photo Editing | 2D Animation | Video Editing | Web Design
Featured on UC Berkeley Extension Website

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