Background: AMC Health is a New York based medical devices company which provides services in virtual health monitoring for patients. Using their mobile applications, patients can see and track real-time vital logs, reports, trends, and more with physicians and providers on their own mobile devices.
Design Problem: To redesign existing marketing material such as sell-sheets in order to produce aesthetical cleaner design. These sell sheets must be appealing as well as informative to medical professions and must convey ease of use for patients. The sell sheets must comprehensively include all the information about various programs and services offered by the company.  
Design Process:  To redesign existing material, I thoroughly reviewed the existing designs and realized that the problem consisted of cluttered images and lack of breathing space between different elements. I created a structure of all the pages and a layout of their contents. Rough sketches of  page layout helped me organize information material into various sections. These sections were to be titled with newly designed vector icons. I assigned various images to specific pages after creating a repository of various images as provided by the company. The ultimate product was finalized after a couple of rounds of revisions and edits in consultation with the marketing team.  ​​​​​​​

Assets for Website:
Design Solution: The magazine was designed keeping in mind a lot of white spaces as requested by the client. Since this was a medical services company, the look and feel of the magazine is very clean and with a lot of breathing space. Each section dedicated to separate healthcare solutions can also be used as separate sell sheets in digital medium.
Software:  Adobe InDesign
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