Background: The book “Paranova” is a science fiction involving parallel worlds — an alternate universe that has the potential to change our world forever and offer key solutions to some of our contemporary global challenges. It involves the journey of two kids who unknowingly stumble upon a discovery whose potential they are not yet aware of.
Design Problem: To design a book cover that conveys the mood and the genre of a novel while simultaneously suggesting that it addresses an important contemporary global issue. The target audience is - Book lovers interested in the genre of science fiction, alternate worlds, or contemporary global issues such as climate change.  
Design Process: To reflect the theme of the book, I selected a number of free stock images that contained the various elements I wanted to combine together in this artistic photo-manipulation. The next step was to ensure that the elements were placed correctly and coherently. Through several adjustment of blending modes, filters, exposure, and hues, I was able to recreate a phantasmic depiction of an apocalyptic world severely threatened by climate change.
Mood and Genre of the Book: Since the novel deals with the issue of environment pollution and the possibility of alternate worlds that might rescue our planet from the dangers of climate change. The book cover is designed to reflect the mood of toxicity, dirt, and pollution that currently threatens our contemporary society. The two young kids— the main stakeholders who will be affected by climate change—are also the main protagonists in this novel.
Viewer’s Attention: The color combination provokes the attention of the reader through its appeal to the harsh realities of toxicity and pollution. I have included a depiction of two contrasting worlds. Only a small glimpse of the alternate world is depicted conveying the mood of mystery and suspense. Only by reading the book in entirety, the true nature of the alternate world would be revealed.​​​​​​​
Design Solution: The book cover and its colors depicts a sense of mystery drawing in the attention of potential readers. The door half-open creates an aura of suspense teasing the reader to further read the book.
Software: Photoshop | Illustrator I Design
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