Concept: Juice it up is not just a magazine about healthy recipes but it is also meant to inspire people to live a healthy life by giving interesting facts about food choices and overall wellness. Apart from just the number of calories, the magazine also seeks to provide the kind of calories and how to make conscious decisions about cutting calories while still having delicious meals.
Design Problem: Maintaining good health and a balanced lifestyle is a challenge for the large majority of people who are torn between work, family, and self-care. Because of this, weight-loss goals become harder to achieve. The aim was to design a magazine that aims to motivate fitness enthusiasts and provide a regular supply of fitness tips and tricks.
Design Process: The first step involved research on health facts about fruits, their nutritious values, recipes and major questions that potential readers are interested to know about the benefits of fruits. Then I came up with collection of images which would make fruits and juices just as attractive for the readers as brownies, pizza, or other calorie-heavy diets.I kept a different theme in terms of color and heading typeface for each spread to go with the theme of each fruit that the spread is dedicated to.For the masthead logo I have used a funky and playful look to give an impression that healthy life can also be fun and interesting.According to the philosophy, "What you see is what you taste." I have dedicated a lot of space for huge images allowing readers to virtually taste those images.​​​​​​​
Design Solution: The main aim of the magazine design is to ensure that a healthy lifestyle seems attractive and readers find healthy food delicious.The magazine is designed with vibrant and fruity colors keeping pace with the theme. Each page is designed with the color theme of a particular fruit highlighting its benefits and nutritious value.Lesser text with a lot of breathing room ensures that the readers do not get bored reading chunks of text. For this reason, the text is also divided into smaller sections with interesting subheadings to keep the readers' interest. The tablet and mobile app designs ensure the design is also adaptable in digital media.
Software: InDesign | Photoshop | Illustrator
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