Concept: Collision is a science fiction story where Mars has lost its orbit and has directed its course towards the Earth. The movie revolves around how a team of expert scientists and astronauts and their lead astronaut—Samantha Williams—aim to prevent the collision and the heroic way they attempt to rescue the Earth. 
Design Problem: I wanted to create an powerful design for the poster. I wanted to show the astronaut physically keeping the two planets away, signifying how much strength and courage it took for the scientists to accomplish their goal. 
Design Process: I started with finding the right images for the composition. I needed four significant elements in the composite – sky, Earth, Mars, and the actress. For the poster, the lead female actor is in her casual wear as it conveys the image of an average next-door neighbor look, although she might possess superhero powers trying to save countless lives. It symbolizes how an ordinary person can also have a considerable impact, and every normal person has great capabilities. ​​​​​​​
Website and App Design: I have used the same theme for designing the website and the mobile application. I looked for images of the same model in a pose where she is pushing something, as I wanted to create the composition where it gives an impression that she is moving Mars away from Earth. I tried to keep two suspense elements – 1. Whether the two planets collided or not, 2.Whether the actress is a superhero in the movie. For the first suspense element, I have kept the images of the two planets almost colliding but not completely. For the second element, I have kept the girl in casual wear, pushing the planet away. This could either mean she has super-human powers or just a symbolic image of an astronaut using all her power(scientific knowledge and technical capabilities) to prevent the collision.
Design Solution: ​​​​​​​
• I kept the element of suspense which does not disclose the story of the movie. 
• The designs are adaptable for both print and digital. 
Software: Adobe Photoshop
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