Objective: To create a book that compiles all the typography design projects in a cohesive way and serves as a knowledge bank for different areas of typography.
Design Problem: Design a book with the following element included: book cover, end page, intro page, table of contents, folios, chapter intros, projects, and colophon.
Design Process: I always found typography used in cafés very fascinating. So I decided to choose a coffee theme for my book which makes it both educational and entertaining. I felt that many young designers would be able to relate to coffee and a book with such a theme would make an introduction to typography a pleasing experience. I initially experimented with coffee bean texture but I removed some of the coffee-theme elements and only retained the coffee-theme colors, as elements of coffee overpowered the actual theme of the book, which is typography. So after receiving feedback, I decided to remove the beans and just keep the colors. I have used two contrasting shades of brown as the color theme. I chose landscape layout for the book as most of my final designs were designed in this layout. This would have allowed me to utilize maximum space and highlight the central elements of the book. I have also demonstrated the characteristic of each indicator in the letterform exercise using graphic elements so that it is easier to understand and retain.
Design Solution: All five projects are placed in a consistent layout with a title page, description and pages displaying images. I have tried to keep it clean and minimal with focus on the images of the projects. The elements, definitions, and concepts of typography have been depicted in a visually appealing fashion, especially helpful for visual learners. Moreover, although these are five different projects, they are brought together under a uniform theme and schema to create a 44-page booklet.
Software: InDesign | Illustrator | Photoshop
Prototypeface Postcard
Type Anatomy Pamphlet
Type Classification Posters

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